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March 30, 2017


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How to spot and cope with an abusive Dominican man -

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The issues you face when thinking about divorce -

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News: 7th January 2015 -

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When is it time to say goodbye? -

Saturday, November 29, 2014

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Ten ways to spot a Sanky Panky in the Dominican Republic -

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Casa del Mar Lodge, Barahona – by Tracy -

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Dominican Divorces -

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When will they ever learn? -

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What is the Junta? -

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What to do about the ex. -

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Meet our counsellor – Heather -

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Dominican Men in Canada – Part 2 -

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dominican men in Canada -

Monday, August 18, 2014

  • pedromartinez

    News: 7th January 2015

    Ooops. Canada in trouble. Government authorities have decided to appoint a commission to investigate the migration statuses of around 1,200 Haitians, for whom a Canadian Foundation, The Samaritan has built around 250 home in Montellano, Puerto Plata. The Deputy Minister of Naturalization and Migration, Luis Fernandez, has said that in the next few days, members of the Ministry of Interior and Police will go to the settlement to investigate the case. “It will happen as soon as possible, we still have not planned what form the removal will take but the commission will decide the details. It will not be…

  • DSCF2792

    When will they ever learn?

    The Dominican Republic has been in the news this week for having made the Guinness Book of Records – with the highest number of road traffic accidents per head of population in the whole world. Those of us who live here know people drive badly. One, most never actually learn to drive. Mirrors, signals, two hands on the wheel are all optional; two, many do not wear seat belts or helmets on motorcycles; three, they often drink and drive; four, for a nation which does not care if they are late anywhere, why do they insist on driving so dammed…

  • new cedula

    News 10 July 2014

    Chikungunya Virus The number of cases continues to rise. According to the Pan American Health Organisation however, only 18 cases are confirmed in the DR, which is most peculiar. Most people now seem to know someone with the virus, which appears to only last a few days in many cases, but the symptoms do appear to be different in that some have a rash and some don’t. In some cases the joint pain appears to last for a long time or disappear and then reappear. The Robert Reid Cabral children’s hospital has said that cases are now declining but cases…

  • chik

    News update June 20 2014

    Chikungunya virus The number of suspected cases of the chikungunya virus has now risen to 89,720 according to the weekly epidemic bulletin issued by the Public Health authority. If you want to keep an eye on it you can get hold of the bulletins here. The virus is transmitted by the same mosquito as dengue. It is bigger than the average mosquito and has white feet or paws – the Dominicans call it the pata blanca mosquito. The mosquito only tends to bite during the day time. The virus produces high fever, severe joint pain and rash. The fever only…

  • cellphone

    Cell phone chaos

    The DR has just launched (at last) a 911 emergency service. At the moment it is only operating in the capital and Boca Chica but they will slowly be covering the whole country. As you might expect here, once it started, the vast majority of the calls were prank calls, made by kids! However, this appears to be slowing down now. As part of the 911 system, they check the address of the emergency by using the cell phone number. And this is where the problem lies. You know how it is here, numbers get changed all the time and…

How do you get a Police Report?

Nov 4, 2014

A police report is called a Certificado de Buena Conducta or a Certificado de Antecedentes Penales. The former means Good Conduct and the other one Criminal Record. The first thing you have to do it to go to the BanReservas which is the government bank and pay the fee, RD$330 which is about US$8. You then take your receipt of payment together with a copy of your cedula or passport to the local Procuraduria Fiscal and pick up your report. It is that simple. There is a BanReservas in most towns and the list of all of the Procuraduria Fiscal offices…

Love in the DR


How to spot and cope with an abusive Dominican man

I receive many messages and emails from foreign ladies who have discovered that their Dominican men are violent and abusive once they are living together. I don’t mean that they are all hitting their wives, but abuse takes many forms. Usually they only become aware of this once the man has their visa to travel and they are living in the United States, Canada, UK or Europe. Many will say to me that there were no signs and they had no idea why he had changed from a sweet loving and caring man to such a monster. This whole area…


The issues you face when thinking about divorce

This article has been inspired by speaking to several ladies recently, all of whom want to leave their Dominican husbands, kick them out, or divorce them. But what is holding them back is the backlash of “I told you so”, from those who told them they were stupid to marry them in the first place, plus the embarrassment and shame of having to admit to these friends and family that yes, they were right. In writing this, I am grateful to all those who have had the strength to share their feelings with me, and their fears for the future…


When is it time to say goodbye?

We have all been in relationships when the time comes and you realise that this is not the man you want to marry, or if you are married, you realise you no longer want to be with this person. Often the reasons you want out, are things you knew from day one, you just chose to ignore them, thought they would not be important or thought he would change. Unfortunately if you choose to marry, “Aisle Altar Hymn” or “I’ll alter him” never works. With Dominican men, the situation is more complicated. The chances are he will never leave you,…


What to do about the ex.

Of all of the emails and questions I receive, the most common one is what to do about the ex. That is the ex of the Dominican man – whether he is your boyfriend, fiancé or husband. The ex could be a legal ex wife (not usual), a live in ex wife with no kids, the baby momma and they lived together (the most common), or the baby momma and they never lived together. Practically all Dominican men have A Past and most have at least one child, and many have more than one with more than one woman. However,…

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